K - 200 Years of Letterpress printing Singapore edition Studio Guided Tour 新加坡200年活版印刷导览 (Eng/Chn)

K - 200 Years of Letterpress printing Singapore edition Studio Guided Tour 新加坡200年活版印刷导览 (Eng/Chn)

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Guided Tour Description 导览内容

200 Years of letterpress printing in Singapore (1823 ~2023), a special guided tour in hand with Dai Yau Printing, one of the few existing old print shops that still preserved their letterpress printing presses and types from the 70s in Singapore, cabinets of forms in Chinese and English, printing blocks and two big printing press.

The tour will be in two locations, TYPESETTINGSG studio, and Dai Yau printing shop. The tour will start at TYPESETTINGSG with a tour of the studio and a talk by Yao Yu owner of TYPESETTINGSG on the printing history in Singapore followed by some hands-on of the printing press with preset templates. This part will take around 1hr.

Participants will take public transport with Yao Yu to the Dai Yau printing (The traveling likely will be 30-40mins by bus), at there Hon Cheong the son of the owner will give a talk on their shop history and will lead the participants to the back of the shop to view the printing heritage that the shop preserved. The owner will do a demonstration on the two printing presses on how the press works, the 10 X 15 Windmill Heidelberg and the 10 X 15 Chandler & Price Platen Press, followed by showcasing the galley of forms and the types from the cabinet. This part will be around 30-40mins.

At the end of the tour, participants will be dismissed at Dai Yau printing. The instructor will guide you to the nearest bus stop or MRT station.

新加坡 200年活版印刷 (1823~2023),和大友印务合作特别导览,新加坡仅存的几间印务所还保留早期70年代工作室运作的铅字和印刷机,字柜托盘中英文排版和两架印刷机。

导览会在两个地点,TYPESETTINGSG 工作室和大友印务。在TYPESETTINGSG开始,负责人耀瑜会讲解新加坡活版印刷史,参与者可以亲自操作小型桌面圆盘印刷机,体验捡字和版印早期电版。这段大概1小时左右。


Guided Tour Duration 

2hr 15mins +/-

Tour start time 10 am and ends around 12:15 noon

Min 3 pax, max 6 pax

The ticket is for one 1 pax.

Tours are organised in groups of min 3 and max 6 and are available on weekdays. Once you have made the payment kindly email us at typesettingsg@gmail.com to arrange the date. If you have any questions regarding the tour feel free to email your questions. 

Find a few friends and join us for a tour of the printing heritage in Singapore. If you are interested but can't find enough pax to join, do drop us an email and we will try to combine with others to form the group.


1013 Geylang East Avenue 3