F - Traditional Letterpress Printing Short Course ( 5 sessions)

F - Traditional Letterpress Printing Short Course ( 5 sessions)

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This 1 week 5-session course aims to provide an understanding towards the art of letterpress printing as a foundation to typography and graphic design. The course will cover the history and timeline of printing methods and letterpress printing in Singapore since 1823. There will be hands-on workshops for operating and planning a design layout for the types of printing processes with CMYK ink mixing. In all, learners will learn printing on three types of printing medium namely metal types, wood types and the modern photopolymer plate. 

Course Structure

  • Day 1 - Studio tour, an introduction to letterpress printing and the history of letterpress printing, demonstration of various printing press, design planning for polymer plate on adobe software
    • Day 2 - Traditional metal typesetting workshop, operating of platen press
      • Day 3 - A3 Poster workshop, operating of proofing press with wood types and printing blocks
        • Day 4 - Polymer plate / zinc plate workshop 
          • Day 5 - Personal project ( student will need to propose before hand for instructor to prepare and advice if project is able to finish within timeframe)

            Learning Outcomes:

            At the end of this workshop, learners will be able to: 

            • 1) Develop an understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to typeset with physical types.
            • 2) Acquire basic skills in operating a tabletop platen/proofing press.
            • 3) Create artwork on Adobe software for polymer plate printing.
            • 4) Apply practical application of polymer plate printing method for commercial design.


            1 week daily, either morning 10:30am - 1:30pm session or afternoon 2pm - 5pm session. Alternately student can arrange 2 session in a day.

            All materials provided

            Studio location 

            1013 Geylang East Avenue 3

            Singapore 389728

            Once you have made the payment kindly email us at typesettingsg@gmail.com to arrange the date and timing.