The start of modern printing was introduced by the Missionaries from London Missionary Society in 1823 with the setting up of the Mission Press by both Claudius Henry Thomsen and Samuel Milton. The Mission Press closed down in Singapore in 1846, the set up was moved to China but printing activities continues. The earliest English newspaper started in 1824, Singapore Chronicle, earliest Chinese weeklies Tifang Jih Pao (地方日报; Local News) in 1845 and Jit Sheng (日升; Rising Sun) in 1858 and as well as Chermin Mata, a Malay (Jawi) quarterly journal (from 1858). The printing method Letterpress remain as the main printing method up till the 80s when major newspaper transit to phototypesetting and later on desktop publishing. No museum nor space were set up dedicating to this form of printing. As a country with multilingual population, letterpress printing in Singapore was undertaken with various language in Jawi, Tamil, Latin Alphabets and Chinese types, thus giving it an unique letterpress setup, with the Chinese types in a standing type case and the western types in a drawer cabinet.

Typesettingsg began as a personal project in that aimed to preserve and promote traditional letterpress in Singapore, focusing mainly on moveable types for all printings. The studio was established in early 2014 as an educational hub to share this form of printing and its history with a wider audience as well as the design community. We conduct letterpress typesetting workshops, letterpress talks and rental of our studio press for individuals or communities who are interested in letterpress and its history. With our movable types, we are also able to conduct customised printing for functions, events and school workshop. A member of the International Association of Printing Museums.